About Tours with Paws

Tours With Paws... what’s that all about then?

A couple of years ago I went to a friend's wedding.  She was disappointed that her aunt and uncle hadn't been able to come "...because they have a dog".  "That's ridiculous!" I thought.  Particularly because the hotel where the wedding was taking place, and all the guests were staying, was dog-friendly.  One phone call and a bit of money on equipment, and they could have joined their niece and new nephew on their special day.

Next time you pack your bags for a trip, take your best friend too and have fun with ALL the family!

Travelling with dogs can be tricky but it can also be really enjoyable and rewarding.  Tours With Paws aims to put everything you need in one place. From equipment to accommodation to walks, it will make travel easy, so the only thing you have to worry about is having fun.  And whether you’ve packed enough biscuits. No need to worry about too many problems and too few options.  Tours with Paws is here to help you plan successful, stress-free holidays with your much-loved dog...or dogs!  This blog will give practical advice on accommodation where you’ll feel right at home, discovering new trails, dog-friendly eateries - and plenty more.

Who are you and ...oooh, are those Huskies?

I’m 30-something, living and working in the beautiful Home Counties of the UK. Dogs have been a big part of my life for a number of years and I’ve done loads of different things with them.  We’ve tried our hands and paws at agility, obedience and showing. We’ve even been to Crufts.

No, they are not Huskies!  Nor are they Akita puppies, German Shepherds or Wolves. They are Norwegian Elkhounds – known as Moose Dogs in the US (no giggling at the back.  There’s something funny about the name ‘Moose Dog’, but try to control yourself!).  You can read more about this gorgeous and unusual breed in my blog.

That’s a very orange car!

As well as my day to day car, my dogs and I also like to head out in my 1970s MG Midget.  Despite the name it’s surprisingly large on the inside, sort of like a ginger Tardis.

I see you have a blog!

That's right - whenever I can, I like to take my dogs with me.  Day trips, weekends away, courses, workshops, walks ... I'll be blogging about anything I think you will find interesting, useful and maybe funny.  Walking the same pavements every day is just boring, so we do quite a lot together and I’ll be writing about what we get up to.  As well as the classic car, some of my other hobbies, including photography and flying, also involve travel and dogs.  So I’ll write about those as well.  Other owners can send me feedback on dog-friendly places that they’ve been to or stayed at, and I’ll share that too.  You can be sure that you’ll get honest opinions on places, rather than a biased review about a paid-for listing.

Can I share my ideas too?

There are lots of ways you can do that.  As well as the main website and blog, Tours With Paws has a Facebook page, Twitter feed and Flickr group for any budding photographers.  Please do interact with the social media and leave comments about blog posts – it’s great to hear what you think. Maybe you’ve used some of the equipment I’ll be selling.  You can leave a review, and share your opinions and experiences with potential buyers.  Just keep it polite, please. And no personal comments or I’ll have to put you in the naughty corner.