Bed & breakfast

Staying at a bed and breakfast is a relatively cheap and easy way to take a holiday with your dog.  It’s the closest thing to a home from home, so you need very little equipment or preparation.

The most important consideration is that ‘dog-friendly’ has different meanings to different people.  I once stayed at a dog-friendly B&B where dogs weren’t allowed in the building, but had to sleep in a tiny outside kennel.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t told this until I arrived.  My poor dog was very upset at being separated and barked and howled her little heart out.  We didn’t stay a second night.  On the other side of the coin are places which offer fully-enclosed gardens, dog treats, bedding, towels and anything else you could possibly imagine.

Unless you’re sure about what will be provided, always take a bed with you, even if just a piece of vet-bed.  It will smell like home and your dog will settle quickly and feel comfortable.  You should also take a towel which, as well as being useful to clean dirty paws, can be used to cover furniture and keep it clean. Remember food and water, and bowls - the nice thing about B&Bs is that washing up should be easy.

Some easy to use and helpful websites: