There are a huge number of dog-friendly hotels across the UK, the rest of Europe and a lot of the rest of the world.  In most places, you will even find a range to choose from - from the budget to the luxury.

Unless you’re sure about what will be provided, always take a bed with you, even if just a piece of vet-bed.  It will smell like home and your dog will settle quickly and feel comfortable.  You should also take a towel which, as well as being useful to clean dirty paws, can be used to cover furniture and keep it clean. Remember food and water, and bowls, and take a small bottle of washing up liquid. Dogs aren’t always welcome in hotel restaurants, so make sure your dog is happy being left on its own for a while, and won’t bark and annoy your neighbours.  Leave a stuffed treat ball or something else to keep your dog entertained.  If you haven’t stayed at a hotel with your dog before, check back from time to time that all is well.  Avoid letting your dog know you’ve checked though, or it will learn to expect it.  Listen from some distance down the corridor... although more alert dogs will still know you’re there!

Several chains have a good number of dog-friendly hotels, including:

Some easy to use and helpful websites: