Llys Y Fran and home

5 September 2013

This was our last day in Pembrokeshire, but I couldn't go home without one final walk.  Leaving behind the dramatic and rugged coastline, I headed inland to the rather more tranquil Llys y Fran Reservoir and Country Park.

The park is over 200 acres of reservoir, surrounded by around another 200 acres of grassland and woodland.  It seems like a great destination for a day out, with a cafe, play areas, fishing and various options for walking.  My choice was to follow the track that goes all the way around the reservoir.  It's hard to tell you how long it is as the official website says 6.5 miles, an information board at the park says 8 miles, and marker-boards around the route all suggest 7.5 miles.  Maybe it depends whether you walk on the inside or the outside of the path...

However long it is, it's certainly not an easy walk.  It's very up and down and there are a few steep, wet and slippery sections.  The track mostly runs within the woods, which was a good option for today as it provided some shelter from the damp and drizzly weather that had started to move in.

On a tight schedule, I only had three hours to explore.  There is plenty here to easily fill a whole day, and I would have liked to spend longer watching and photographing the birds.

After a quick lunch it was time to get in the car for the journey home.  After all, I've got work tomorrow!  There was one stop I had to make on the way though - Tredegar.  Here we met up with Colin, who co-bred my dogs, used to own Busy and now owns Disa's brother.  The world of Elkhounds in the UK is very small!

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