St David's and Strumble Head

4 September 2013

We've had a jam-packed day again and I think we'll all be glad to get home tomorrow night. Mostly I'm looking forward to roads with two lanes. Also proper food. I've struggled so much to find properly dog-friendly places to eat that I've resorted to making my own picnics from the tiny shop around the corner. Fortunately their fruit is very good or I think I'd have scurvy by now.

As well as keeping my vitamin C levels up, my vitamin D levels will also be pretty high.  The weather has been glorious!  Perfect for walking, with some lovely sunshine, but not too hot and a nice breeze to keep it fresh.  I'm pretty tanned and I think there will be some questions as to where I've really been this week...

This morning we started our day at Solva, a village and harbour on the north of St Bride's Bay.  The harbour is protected by high ground which historically made it a major trading centre.  These days tourism is the main industry, but the high ground still helps as it affords stunning views.  Solva was only a quick stop as our main destination for the day was St David's - Britain's smallest city and resting place of Saint David, patron saint of Wales.  It's also home to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Gallery and Visitor Centre.  I would recommend a trip here early on, if you're planning on visiting the area.  They hold some useful dog-friendly information, and actually have a whole folder dedicated to it!  Dogs are also welcome in the visitor centre itself.  Once I'd finally dragged the dogs out (they were making eyes at every single person in there until they got a fuss), we walked down to the city itself.  It feels strange calling it such as it's only slightly larger than the village I live in.  It's a friendly place and I popped into a couple of galleries for a nose around - both were very happy for the girls to join me.  The cathedral itself is not dog-friendly, which is hardly surprising.  But it's worth a look from the outside.  It's made from a local stone which has a wonderful pink and grey colour.

It was now mid-afternoon and I drove to Strumble Head to see if I could spot some sea life.  This part of the coast is apparently one of the best areas for seeing whales, dolphins, porpoise and seals.  I walked along the path for a couple of miles and found a nice sunny place to sit and look.  I successfully spotted several bouys, a small rock and two black labradors... all pretending to be marine life.  Just as I was packing up my camera, I spotted a seal!  I managed to get my camera out in time to get a couple of blurry photos of its back.  Ah well, a photo isn't everything - at least I saw it!  I waited a while to see if it would make a reappearance, but then the sun started to go behind the hills, the insects started biting, and the dogs started dropping strong hints that they were ready for their dinner and an early night.

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