A visit to White Waltham

22 December 2014

Today, the girls and I had a lovely day out at White Waltham Airfield, near Maidenhead.

Since I learned to fly, back in around 2001, I've been a member of the British Women Pilots' Association - the BWPA.  As well as being a useful source of information for all pilots, they organise events and there's a pretty lively social scene.  For a while, I've been thinking that the BWPA social media feeds need a bit of work so I found myself volunteering to help.  The new chairman was very keen and, before I knew it, I was joining the committee!

Today was my first meeting and, fortunately, they're usually held at the ultra-dog-friendy White Waltham.  Also, our chairman, Pauline, absolutely loves dogs and used to have German Shepherds, so I knew they'd get a warm welcome.

We arrived early, so the girls would have time to sniff around and get settled - they've been before, so the staff were ready to fill up their water bowl and give them some fuss.  After individually greeting all the committee members by covering them in fluff, it was down to business.  The main discussion was plans for next year's 60th anniversary celebrations, but also the new website, regions activity, membership... normal committee things.  Just before tea-break I noticed a familiar face walk past the window - my friend Paul, who has joined me on many hound-related adventures including a walk where we explored some WW1 training trenches and the dog's first trip abroad.  It turned out he was there to meet with some more flying friends, Dave and Caz, for lunch.  He kindly offered to take the girls on a tour of the airfield after he'd finished eating.

Back into the meeting for the time-being, but it was soon time for our own lunch break.  The catering at White Waltham is excellent, and we were treated to an amazing buffet which was topped off with a stack of really gooey chocolate brownies.  The girls are used to staying away while people are eating.  Luckily, they behaved impeccably ... although Busy was spotted hoovering up crumbs...

Shortly after lunch, Paul appeared to take the girls out.  They were off like a shot, probably bored of having to sit around, listening to us talking about press releases, scholarship applications and what new items we should be selling.  I saw Paul, Dave, Caz and the girls walk past the window around 10 minutes later, but that was the last I saw of them for over an hour!

Just before our meeting drew to an end, the gang reappeared.  The girls were very pleased to be given a bowl of water, and the guys also seemed keen to get to the bar.  It turned out they had walked the entire airfield perimeter.  They'd all had a great time and the girls were tired from the excitement of new people and new places.

They'll sleep well tonight!

(Additional photo by Dave R.)

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