Eating & Drinking

If your planning on eating out and you would like to take your dog with you, go armed with one piece of information: It is NOT against the law for dogs to be in rooms where food is served.

Broadly, the rule is that dogs are not allowed into food preparation and storage areas, but they are allowed in areas where the food is actually served. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions about dogs, and it’s certainly understandable that someone might have had a bad experience with a poorly behaved dog. But if they quote laws and rules, you could politely advise them that no such law exists. Don’t expect them to change their mind though!
NB. This information was correct at the time of writing. However, laws are always being revised.

When planning to eat out with your dog, do take into consideration other diners. If you know your dog won’t sit or lie quietly while you eat, perhaps some more training is required. And please don’t let your dog pester other diners for titbits!

Remember to safely secure your dog while you eat. Preferably to your chair, not the table... A simple way to do this is to unclip the lead from the collar, pass the lead around the chair back (not the leg – it can slip off the bottom) and through its own handle. Then clip the lead back onto the collar. Many dog-friendly cafes and pubs will have a number of tubs for dogs to drink from. But go prepared with your own bowl, just in case.