Out & About

Like their owners, most dogs really enjoy visiting somewhere new. From trips to the seaside to new areas of countryside to explore, in the UK we’re spoilt for choice.

It doesn’t take much planning or equipment to have a fun day out with your dog. A quick check that your chosen transport and destination are dog-friendly is usually enough. You’re obviously going to need to make sure your dog is wearing a strong collar, with a tag marked up as required by the Control of Dogs Order 1992. And remember a lead!

Take plenty of water and poop bags with you and, if you’re going a bit further, it is worth taking one meal’s worth of your dog’s normal food with you, just in case. When planning days out with your dog, do take into consideration other people. If you know your dog is likely to bark at strangers, or jump up at people, perhaps some more training is required before you go.