Travel Advice

Travelling with dogs can be as simple as taking your dog with you on a bus, or as complicated as flying internationally. But there is plenty of help available and it’s really rewarding.

Much will depend on the temperament of your dog. A nervous dog might need some encouragement and gentle exposure to new environments before you travel very far. Bold dogs will take everything in their stride. Obviously you’re going to need to make sure your dog is wearing a strong collar, with a tag marked up as required by the Control of Dogs Order 1992. And remember a lead!

When planning to travel with your dog, do take into consideration other people. If you know your dog is likely to bark at new sounds or strangers, perhaps some more training is required.

Food and drink

You must make sure you have plenty of food and water with you. Some dogs are really picky about the bowls they eat and drink from. If you can, take their normal bowls. But if, like me, you use heavy pottery bowls at home, gradually introduce lighter, stronger bowls in the weeks before your trip. If your dog tends to get really stressed and refuses to drink, stock up on those individual cartons of milk you get at hotels. They store really easily and keep for ages – empty one into your dog’s water and they’ll suddenly be keen to drink again. Just watch out they don’t drink too much at once as that could make them ill.